Visitenkarten aus Papier

Die Visitenkarte ist das wichtigste Instrument für Ihren professionellen Auftritt. Unsere Visitenkarten aus Papier sind ganz klassisch in horizontaler Ausrichtung erhältlich, oder Sie präsentieren sich auf ausgefallene Weise und wählen die vertikale Ausrichtung. Zudem stehen Ihnen vier verschiedene Druckformate zur Auswahl: Machen Sie das Format zu Ihrem Alleinstellungsmerkmal.

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Dieses Produkt ist FSC -zertifiziert
Die FSC -Zertifizierung gewährleistet, dass diese Produkte auf Materialien gedruckt werden, die aus Wäldern mit hohen ökologischen, sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Standards stammen.

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Print your new Paper fidelity cards

A loyalty card is nothing more than a simple card, usually made from cardboard, which shows the number of drinks that the customer has bought in your café or restaurant, and when they reach a certain sum, they receive a reward like a free drink or a discount on a future drink.

The goal of any business is to be able to form long-lasting relationships with its customers – a regular customer is generally inclined to come back more often and spend more, they try the new products you have to offer and recommend your business to other people.

How to create longer-lasting relationships with customers? It is important to make sure that they have an incentive to come back to visit you in your shop. Firstly, your products must obviously be of good quality and your staff must be nice and welcoming, but there are other small things that can also help, including the use of a loyalty card.

With a loyalty card, you can reward your most loyal customers and offer them something in return. This adds a little motivation in the customer's mind to choose your venue over that of a competitor.

The most suitable formats for a loyalty card

Usually, loyalty cards are small in size as they must be easily pocketed or put in a wallet. The size chosen is usually that of a business card but can also be the size of a postcard. It all depends on how much information the loyalty card must contain and how long the points collection must be.

For example, if the loyalty card involves an annual points collection plan, then it may be better to print a brochure or a leaflet for the collection of points rather than a loyalty card.

How personalised loyalty cards can increase average spending

Loyalty cards are an excellent tool not only to build customer loyalty but also to increase their average spending. In order to provide recurring incentives –such as "with every five purchases, the sixth is free" – your customers will be willing to purchase an additional unit, thus making sure they can spend more!

Electronic loyalty cards

Another useful solution is to create an electronic loyalty card, which can still contain all the necessary information and fit in a pocket or wallet.

Print your loyalty card on a PVC card with magnetic strip, which can then be scanned with the appropriate reader!

How to personalise your loyalty cards with Pixartprinting

Creating your loyalty card with Pixartprinting is very easy. First of all, select the product you want to use to create your loyalty cards. Then, on the product pages, you can customise every aspect of that product such as material, format, processes, etc.

Once you have selected these settings, upload the design for your loyalty card, select a delivery date and address, and that's it.

Your loyalty cards will be sent to your shop or home within a few days!